Mission “Crystalbed” completed

Raphael – a friend from Abadiania gave me the mission to take a set of crystals back to Germany. The crystals are meant for a crystal bed. The Entities of the Casa are working through them. The way Raphael asked me did not leave any doubt in my mind that I had to fullfill this mission.

Sacred geometrie – sensing the energy field to come

I visit friends in the valley of the Altmühl. Everywhere there are deep transformative processes happening. I feel nourished by the presence of my friends. I feel a strong connection.

Haka dance

I am led by my tutor Heiko to the top of an island in the midst of the Main river. There he shares a ritual that he was taught only a few weeks ago: the HAKA. It’s a traditional dance of the Maori people of New Zealand. There is something in this dance that attracts me very much.

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