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Where do we go? In the end it’s up to us to decide. I left for a journey to find out where we are in 2015. I wanted to meet people who are no scholars or wise men. I wanted to meet people like you and me. That’s why this page is called Human Stories. I took the compass of joy and followed the road to places and people who are offering new ideas and visions. I’ve been listening to your stories and was watching your actions. Is there a new way of thinking?

First I recognised during the interviews that there is a change in the way to talk in front of the camera. It’s not so much about knowledge and arguments but about something that wants to unfold during the meeting. Sometimes this even means: NO CAMERA AT ALL!

So the following talks also include people that didn’t want to be recorded or didn’t have any impulse to speak “to the public”. You might feel them and read something in my Blog.



Prof. Dr. Faltin is one of the pioneers who knows “something special” after years of pushing the borders. He is an explorer on the field of entrepreneurship . Once being a “normal citizen” he was on his own research to find out whether there is a chance to compete with big companies and found a way. He founded the Tea Campaign and now supports people who want to undertake business with passion. He somehow crossed a border and encourages to think big out of experience.

He is far from the first phase of setting off. I’ve learned a whole bunch of qualities through his way of being: passion, saving money, working on ideas, determination and the courage to undertake. In short: “DO IT BUT BE WELL PREPARED!”



the world is changing …

The conference was taking place in Helsingoer in the north of Copenhagen. Thinkers, visionaries and pioneers were gathering at the conference center “Marienlust” to exchange their way of thinking, to get to know each other and to celebrate the official announcement of the FUJI Declaration in Japan – with a feast in an historical environment – the Kronborg Castle which is the place where Shakepeare’s tragedy of Hamlet took place.


Bente Milton and a small group of transition people around her established a social network that you can join if you like.


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At the end of the year there’ve been waiting two more surprises about the process of change when I came home. I was able to join two webinars:

  1. U.Lab by Otto Scharmer
  2. Training about Planetary Boundaries by Johan Rockström

So it felt like my journey was not at an end but wanted to teach me some more lessons. I joyfully look back and remember the time around 2009 when I’ve started attending a course by the PACHAMAMA ALLIANCE. It was created to bring forth change agents everywhere in the world and to wake up people from the destructive dream we all are living in at the moment. In the next article I want to step into the SDG goals or Sustainable Development Goals.

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