A healing journey


is the year of a shift. It might be that I was stopped properly the year before. There might have been already a turn in my life story in Abadiania in Brasil where I went for treatment at the Casa de Dom Ignacio founded by the medium John of God.

I’ve started realigning with something bigger and regained a glimpse of my soul. I am told to go on a healing journey and I feel open enough to do so. There is something to be found on a level I can barely describe.

But I clearly hear the words:

Healing oneself is strongly connected with the healing of the planet and the healing of the biosphere.

healing journey


is the year of giving up. I had to lay down most of the time. It was a warning from life. The blood disease and the vertigo stopped everything that I did effortlessly the years before. I was sent to a therapy. It was mainly about blood letting. My life energy decreased more and more. I often felt like a 80-year old man. At the end of the year the doctors told me that I’ve reached a state that was beyond life threatening. There was no iron stored in my body any longer and felt down. The root cause for the vertigo was still not found.

I was eager to return to an old state of being as a strong and vital man. A trip to Taizé was almost to much and the attempt to work in the community of Findhorn failed. I was simply not able to due to my body condition.

Often I hear people talking about climate change and politics. But as long as we try to change things out of an old mind set without changing ourselves everything will ultimately stay the same. I did overlook the fact that I saw on many Youtube channels. The root cause for a sickness lies in the mind. And somehow I’ve managed to forget about my soul.


I set off on a new journey. I had finished the publishing of my DVDs and did the marketing of QUOVADIS?MENSCH. This time I wanted to interview people about a new consciousness that I’ve sensed everywhere. I wanted to collect voices of a new area in time. That’s what I still believe in. It was an odyssey. I wanted to feel like on my pilgrimage back in the year 2008. I was not able to. Still I became a witness of a few important declarations of mankind towards a possible future on planet earth: the FUJI DECLARATION and the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. The journey ended abruptly when I experienced a vertigo in the city of Stockholm. A few weeks later I got diagnosed with a chronic blood disease …



I had moved to a small village in the area of Kassel. I was eager to edit and to finish my documentaries ONE WISDOM and Follow the rainbow to Findhorn. But there was more to come. Almost without any effort I’ve learned about Leylines, energies and magic. Most important I’ve studied consciousness and explored more in the field of energetic fields. That was the time when transpersonal experiences were nothing extraordinary. There is still so much to understand about how we create a world by how we decide to see it. I was a freelancer now and I’ve started to live a very uncommon life. It was all about preparation.


was the year of an awakening. The global finance crises had just happened and the world seemed like collapsing. I suddenly was worried – about mother earth and humanity. At this time I was working for the entertainment channel of a broadcast station. Reality broke through my well constructed life that I had build up all the years before.

I was looking for an exit and went on a pilgrimage through Europe with the goal to connect with a reality that was alien to me so far. I remembered my journey to Ladakh: QUOVADIS. The question of human nature once more arouse in me. I was still about to find an answer. While attending an event by the Pachamama Alliance I realised that the world as a whole organism is suffering and that humanity is the most important factor that would decide about the destiny of life here on earth.



I’ve been traveling to Ladakh in the North of the Himalayas. High up in the mountains there was no GPS for tourist guides at this time. They simply knew the paths. When two or more of these guides met they did not chat about how things are going. Instead they asked each other about their ways and the destintations they were heading towards. Without consciously recognizing it an impulse was born inside myself. From that moment on I wanted to know where humankind was heading towards.


… was born.

My life continued as usual and I had no clue on what has started to move in my unconsciousness aiming to bring forth a deeper knowing. A longing for a deeper way of living began to move to the surface and I started questioning whether I was missing real life.