A healing journey

I was travelling a lot over the past almost 10 years. I’ve been part of community building processes and I’ve felt the field energy of places. I’ve been presenting my movie and connecting people. I was studying religion and consciousness and I was taking part in webinars of social pioneers and thinkers in the US. I was watching movements growing and dissolving again like the “Foundation of Conscious Evolution”. I always wanted to find and understand.

I’ve found a major current beyond all the human built constructs – online and offline it keeps moving always.

Now it’s becoming silent although the world seems to head towards more turmoil.

It all started with the global financial crisis in 2008 when I began asking myself a lot of questions about the course of history of mankind.

The shamans of the Achuars went into a dream state at this time and came back with the message that not only the rainforest they are living in was threatened but the whole world. The danger originates in a trancelike state of mind that western civilisation is trapped in. Life on earth is suffering and people too. Healing is needed.

Seven years later I was diagnosed with a chronic disease that brought my whole life to full stop. I remember the Achuars.

Now I am on an even deeper level of transformation. Healing my body and spirit became the best solution to the heal a whole universe around me from the core of my being. Because …

I cannot find anything in the world that is not already within me.